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Formerly called Bodegas valley, owes its name to Benjamin Matienzo, tucumano young pilot, who in the attempt to cross the Andes in the area of greater height, inscribe your name in eternity in May 1919.

The gorge is located between 32º 35' South latitude and 3oº 5o' and develops through about 35 Km. In direction N to 7oº o6' length or at a height ranging from 31oo m to 4ooo meters.

The scenic beauty of the gorge is magnificent peaks over 5ooo meters demarcate the environment of your head Villa, Las Cuevas 3.150msnm where a varied scenario for the practice of the different disciplines of mountain unfolds, you can hike for Trekking day or multi-day alpine climbs and intense crossings skiing.

idden Potrero

In this circuit we move through the Quebrada Matienzo 31oom from a height of up to 39oo meters, or mallines vegas areas where all vegetation height, local fauna and combine its immensity.

Sleeping one night in the shelter El Arco, located in the Villa de las 31oom Cuevas, for the next day trace the eponymous river and install our camp the next morning go in search of hidden Potrero and its border to 43oom step, to discover a gap height, in the middle Andes.

Cerro Penitentes 4356 meters.

This Cerro owes its name to the capricious shapes created by wind erosion on the sandstones of marine sediments that resemble monks penitents with their hoods.

He was elected by the Incas, who built on its summit a ceremonial site high, linked to the mummy found in the southwest spur of Aconcagua.

Mirador del Cerro Aconcagua outstanding plus all the surrounding mountains.

It is located close to Villa Los Penitentes where the ski center on the No. 7 route runs 180 km. Of Mendoza.


Day 1: Mza to Villa Las Cuevas 3100msnm day acclimation

Day 2: Trek to base camp 3150

Day 3: Trekking to Laguna Potrero and return hidden caves

Day 4: The caves up based on Q Vargas

Day 5: Base-based Summit-

Day 6: Base to Penitentes

Day 7: Penitentes - Mendoza.

Day 8: Hotel night.

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Land: Argentinien
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Erfahrungsniveau: Mittel
Name des Tourenanbieters: LATINA REAL TOURS
Min Gruppengröße: 1
Max Gruppengröße: 5
Dauer: 8
Inkludierte Unterkunft: Zelt und Hostel/Hotel
Im Service enthalten: Professional Guide, enabled  high mountain tents and camping equipment General  Meals: Breakfast, Lunch boxes gear, snacks, dinner on the rise.  Safety equipment, radios, first aid, etc.  3 nights full board Shelters  Transfers from the city of Mendoza and back in Trans public
Nicht im Service enthalten: Personal equipment  Any expense for abandonment or evacuation
Mitzubringende Ausrüstung: Large Backpack (70/80 liters) Duve sleeping bag or synthetic (-10 ° C) insulating blanket Sunglasses with filtroUV 2 liters water bottle penlight Cream UV Solar Factor +20 expandable batons elementary first aid kit
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