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Known as the highest peak of America, its real 6,962 meters are considered around 8,000 due to its altitude conditions, and it is generally used as training ground for the Himalaya.

Its name is Quechuan and it means ‘stone guardian’ It was chosen by the Incas as a sacred mountain. They tried to climb it up through the southwest face reaching a height of 5,300 m.a.s.l., where they performed a burial. The mummy was discovered in 1985.

The mountain mass is located entirely in Argentina, in the province of Mendoza, and it is not on the national border.

It is located inside Aconcagua Provincial Park. To the West and Southwest, it borders with Valle de los Horcones. To the East and North, it borders with Valle de las Vacas and Valle de los

Patos, respectively. It is located at 180km from Mendoza on international route N° 7.

Being the highest peak in America, it is part of the ‘Seven Summits Project’ along with the highest mountains of every continent. This is a highly desired mountaineering world challenge. It consists of reaching the highest peak of each continent.


Duration: 18 days

Practicable: November to March

The highest mountain in the Americas. Its classic or normal route is developed by its side Noroeste no technical complications as their escalating concerns and can not present or delicate cruises up to the large haul, weather conditions are generally good, but can become very severe, because severe storms from the Pacific ocean and progress in height require meticulous acclimatization.



PHYSICAL LEVEL Very good condition


ALTITUDE 2700/6962 meters.


Park entrance fee Ascension Aconcagua


Day 1: Reception and accommodation in Mendoza Meeting with the guide, check clothing. Last details. Hotel Internacional night accommodation. with half board.

Day 2: Getting permission Aconcagua Park. Transfer to Penitentes. Accommodation. Preparations loads Mulas.

Day 3: Trek to Confluencia (3-4 hours) Reception. Overnight

Day 4: Trek to Plaza Francia. (4-5 hours) and return to Confluence (3-5horas) Overnight

Day 5: Trek to Plaza de Mulas. 7-9 hours Overnight

Day 6: Rest in Plaza de Mulas hike around

Day 7: Porteo to Canada and back to Plaza de Mulas 3-4 hours

Day 8: Rest.

Day 9: Ascent to Canada 3-4 hours

Day 10: Ascent 3-4 hours Condors Nest

Day 11: Condors Nest portage Berlin 2-3 hours

Day 12: Ascent to Berlin 6000 m. 2-3 hours

Day 13: Ascent Summit (8-10 hours), return Berlin (4-5 hours) Overnight

Day 14: Descent to Plaza de Mulas 4-5 hours Preparation mule loads

Day 15: Trek to Horcones, transfer and accommodation in Penitentes

Day 16: Transfer to Mendoza, Hotel Internacional night accommodation with half board service. End of Service.

Day 17-18: Extras


 Reception at the airport or bus terminal in Mendoza, transfer to hotel and vice versa.

 Two nights accommodation with breakfast in Mendoza (in double rooms)

 Assistance to apply for a permit to enter the Aconcagua Park.

 private car transfer from Mza to Penitentes and Horcones and vice versa

 Two nights accommodation with breakfast at Hotel Mountain

 Two nights camping Confluence

 Six nights at Plaza de Mulas base camp

 All meals during the expedition

 Mules to transport loads from Penitentes, Confluencia to Plaza de Mulas and back Capacity 25 Kg. Per person round trip

 General Camping equipment

 Professional guide, assistant enabled and as many climbers

 Safety equipment, radios, first aid kit, ropes, etc.


 Personal equipment

 Permit to enter the park

 expenses caused by evacuation or abandonment of the program

 Food and drinks not specified in the program

 Personal porters


1 PERSON 8756.00

X 3 PEOPLE 3703.00

X 5 PEOPLE 3469.00

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