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Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang Trek -explore the Tibetan civilization of their characteristic along with Buddhist culture, till the last decade it was prohibited region, rain shadow area with massive landscapes, charming locals and impressive sights with snow covered Himalayan peaks.

Nepal Mustang trekking region is the old empire of Lo. in fact the headquarter of the Mustang district is Jomsom but the authentic Tibetan move toward district located north of Kagbeni and is classically referred as Upper Mustang, Mustang Trek has an usual altitude of 13,000ft and is located to the north of the peak giants of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna and is so north of the main Himalayan series and physically is part of the tourist desirabilities of Tibet. It is a huge elevated gorge, arid and dry, characterizes by battered canyons, dazzling stratified rock configurations and has barren, deserts like manifestation.

One of the main pleasant facial marginal of Mustang is exactly thousands of rock face residence, some of which look totally unfriendly. The most present hypothesis is that they may date 8-10,000 BC when Mustang was a much greener land. clearly, most of the past is now a matter of fable rather than recorded fact, but it appears obvious that Lo was once part of Ngari, part of Tibet and a rather loose compilation of feudal domains. It was incorporated into the Tibetan territory under the most famous of the Tibetan kings Songtsengampo. It was a important means of journey the Himalaya from Tibet to Nepal, and plentiful of the old salt caravans passed through Mustang. By 14C much of Ngari became part of the Malla kingdom, whose capital was Sinja in western Nepal. Really, it became an independent kingdom in its own right, under the rule of Ame Pal, the creator king of Lo in 1380. The present royal family can trace its history 25 creations back to Ame Pal, and the city of Lomanthang, which we will visit, was the centre of their power.

Upper Mustang Trek knowing the particular nature of this old, tiny kingdom, the Nepalese have compulsory a supplement for anybody desiring to trek past Kagbeni, the border of Upper Mustang. With legal trekking groups only being allowable in for the first time in March 1992, you would be part of a small privileged alternative to appointment this isolated settlement of Nepal.

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