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Information about trekmundo

How it works

How it works


You can do several things on Trekmundo. The market place offers you several options to contribute to the community.

1. List tours
2. List tour reports or write reviews on operators you have travelled with.
3. List used products you want to sell or rent out

Just follow the listing process and choose your listing type on the way.

1.  Go to sign up. Fill out profile information accept the terms of use and create account. It only takes a minute.
2. Go to your profile and fill in the requested information and also add your terms and conditions in the space where you describe you and your company.
3.  Select a category and a sub category and tour information as requested and upload pictures.
4.  Connect your Paypal account to the Trekmundo system.

Listing Tours:

In general its fairly easy. Just follow the process. At some point you need to make a decision though. When starting to make  a listing you need to choose your category and subcategory. For example you chose to list a bookable trekking tour, Then you choose "book a tour" and trekking as sub category. You will then be asked to chose your listing type. This mainly is a payment and pricing question. We have som great options here for you.

1. Online payment (payment through paypal payment gateway)
2. Wire transfer (Chose this, if you cannot offer an online payment  through paypal)
3. Cash on arrival (Chose this,  if you cannot offer an online payment  through paypal and can't offer to receive a wir transfer)
4. Request Price (Chose this option, if you do not want to display a price in your listing)
5. Suggest Price ( Chose this, if you want to leave it up to the customer to make a quote)

4 and 5 can be great tools if you want to make sure that the customer is happy with the price and if you have room to take people on short notice and you wan to fill gaps.

There are several important things to fill in. Most of the fields are mandatory. Please 

1. set your terms and conditions into the filed for that
2. if you have reviews, please use the review checkbox in the listing form. We also have the option for you that you can post the link to your reviews, whether this is trip advisor or your own website. Pleas for this, because it improves your credibility in the eyes of the customer.

For perfect presentation, please enter the description as in The wild Atlantic Way .   
If you ar missing categories or fields, please write an E-Mail to us service(at) and we will review your request and add the field if applicable.


In order to use the online payment feature you will need to connect your Paypal account to the Trekmundo system. The Software is provided by Sharetribe Ltd  and you will be asked to grant Sharetribe to connect to your Paypal account so payments can be processed.  For set up just follow the easy steps in the process.



As a Traveller you have several choices. You can search and book tours, but can also write tour reports and share your great experiences with the community. Further more you can also sell or rent out equipment on our marketplace. So if you got a new tent and want to sell your old one. You can easily do this on For listing Tour reports and products see the suppliers how tos above.
For searching an booking a tour, do as follows.

1.    Search tour
2.    Select interesting tours
3.    Contact Operator for availability and in depth questions

If you aren't a member of the community yet, then you will be asked to sign up. The sign up is the same as for suppliers. You need to sign up to use the contact feature.

4.    Decide on dates and if applicable  group size
5.    Operator will refer to what tour to book 
6.    Go to tour page
7.    Choose tour days as discussed with operator 
8.    Choose payment
9.    Complete booking

You will need a paypal account to complete the payment. Please connect your paypal account to trekmundo in order to complete the payment. 

10.    Receive confirmation
11.    Look forward to your new adventure
12.    Communicate with operator on trekmundo regarding further questions
12.    Travel to destination
13.    Meet operator at destination


Listing / Order types:

In the listing process there are 3 different listing / order types to choose from

1. Onlinepayment (via integrated Paypal gateway)
If you go for this option, you need a Paypal account and connect this to
2. Wire Transfer
If you choose this option, supplier and client agree that the client transfers the amount to conditions defined between each other
3. Cash payment at arrival
If you choose this option, supplier an client agree that the client pays the amount at arrival
4. Request Price 
Chose this option, if you do not want to display a price in your listing
5. Suggest Price 
Chose this, if you want to leave it up to the customer to make a quote

For options 2 and 3 the commission payment conditions to trekmundo as defined in the trekmundo terms and conditions apply.