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Rundugai Cultural Tourism Enterprise

Rundugai Cultural Tourism, is a place to make your life time memory for those who visiting Moshi Town or Arusha city Also after landing to Kilimanjaro International Airport or before taking flight from Kilimanjaro International Airport. . This is a brilliant chance to stretch your legs, especially after being in a jeep for the days of safari. or Trekking to the Africans rooftop of Mt. Kilimanjaro or Meru It is also really interesting to get an insight into the agricultural landscape, and the ways the environment influences the lives of people that live here. The village is located only 38 kilometers from Moshi Town while it is 25 kilometers from KILIMANJARO International Airport and 10 Kilometers from Boma town, being located in this point it is easy to get there through various means of transport; including public transport on Monday, hired bajaj or Tax.

Rundugai Cultural Touridm is an ideal place for the following activities

Kikuletwa Hot Spring (Chemka maji moto) tour with Hot local food

Make your life time memory by visiting kikuletwa Hot Spring with well experienced guides from Rundugai Cultural Tourism, this tour will take you only 45minutes drive from Boma ngombe town which located 15 kilometers to the Hot spring reaching to kikuletwa hot/ chemka Maji Moto. Here you will swim against strong water current surrounded with amazing roots of fig trees. The clear, deep wateris the perfect temperature, with a small current where it welled up, and was surrounded by the lushest jungle folliage. There is a rope swing for jumping in, and in certain parts tiny fish nibbled the dead skin from your feet. This is perfectly refreshing after the walk, and there is a changing block, toilets, and somewhere to buy food and drink. after swimming you can have a hot local food prepared by our local women. It is also a perfect place for weekend short break, Half day tours and day trips from either Moshi town Or Arusha city.

Duration of the tour

It will take you two and a half hours (2:30hrs) drive

from Arusha city to Kikuletwa hotspring while it is One and a half hours{1:30hrs} from Moshi town to Kikuletwa Hot spring (chemka maji moto). From our Office to the Hotspring it will take you 1:30 hrs walking and 15 minutes when driving.

Maasai boma tour

Enjoy a real Maasi culture with rundugai cultural tourism, this will take you to the real masai village to learn on this strong ethnic group culture including their division of labour basing on age and sex while enjoying their fun dancing

at the maasai village there will be a number of activities to participate with Masai families as a part of your memory to their BOMA this activities includes fetching for domestic water with masai women using of donkeys as a means of transportation.

skinning of animals especially for those who booking for a masai boma tour with barbecue, finally there will be an overnight at maasai boma for those who are interested to spending an overnight; maasai boma tour can be done by using of bikes from boma town which will take you three to four hours {3hrs to 4hrs} also this tour can be done through using of vehicles which can be either private or hired and this will take you one hour drive from Boma town.

Rundugai village tour:

Spending your day at rundugai village with rundugai cultural tourism Guides and learn on the daily socioeconomic activities of different ethnic groups starting at kijiweni street you will meets rundugai Monday masai market which operates only on Monday in this market you will meet different local products at this street you will meet mbege bar/Banana beer bar{ traditional chaga ethnic group brew},Tradional village Midwife , a woman Traditional Heller {herbalist }, proceeding to majengo street you will meet pare and chaga crops growing field where you will meet different irrigation fields such as rice field, Onion field and many others vegetable crops such as Okra, Egg plants and tomatoes which are growing in the area extending to kikuletwa street you will meet with an astonished spring of Kikuletwa/chemka where you will have a body refreshment and finally a hot local lunch prepared with our local women this tour can be done on foot or biking.

Biking from boma town/ Moshi town to kikuletwa hotspring:

make your adventure biking from either Boma town or Moshi to kikuletwa hot spring via rundugai village will make you to get an experience of many things in a short period of time while meeting different people conducting different activities which conducted with local people including agriculture activities, cattle herding and small business activities organized with local people finally after a long biking will take you a swim in kikuletwa Hot Spring for body refreshment and then hot local lunch.

Food: Included
Country: Tanzania
Transfer: Not included
Best Deal:
Airport: Kilimanjaro International Airport
Registered Member of Tourism board of: Tanzania Tourist board Cultural tourism programe
Testimonials (Website,TripAdvisor, etc.): Yes
Link to reviews: TripAdvisors
Guide Languages:
Experience Level: Easy
Tour operator name: Ndoss,Ndumiaita
Min group size: 2
Max group size: 40
Duration: 8
Provided Accommodation: None
Included in service: food,mineral water
Not included in Service: transport, alcohol drinks and soda
Equipment to bring: walking shoes, swimming clothers and
Recommended Season:
Guaranteed departure dates: safety to our clients and best services during tour
Remarks: the best place to make your life time memories when you are in Tanzania.
Terms and Conditions: 1) All booking must be arranged with our booking office via phone or email 2) 15% of all booking must be paid in advance prior to date of the tour for complete reservations 3) Errors in booking dates will only be acceptable within 7 days before arrival/tour day
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