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Walking Tour of Tashkent, Usbekistan - 1 Day

Tashkent is one of the most beautiful cities in Central Asia and its landmarks are not only symbols of the capital but also of the entire country. Numerous parks and monuments, squares and fountains, as well as beautiful buildings warmly welcome you to Tashkent.

1) Shahidlar Xotirasi Monument

The Shahidlar Xotirasi Monument is a memorial to the victims of repression. It was unveiled on May 12, 2000. The Memorial commemorates all victims of repression of the Uzbek people, starting with the early 1860s until 1991, when the country became independent. The Memorial is designed very thoroughly so that every element has meaning, for example, the cedars planted in the memorial’s park are like obelisks for the innocent souls of the victims, and the great number of flowers are in memory of people suffering, as an homage from the inhabitants of Tashkent.

2) Tashkent TV Tower

The Tashkent Television Tower is a 375 metres (1,230 ft) high tower. Construction started in 1978 and it began operation 6 years later, on 15 January 1985. It was the 3rd tallest tower in the world from 1985 to 1991.

It is of a vertical cantilever structure, and is constructed out of steel. The tower has an observation deck located 97 metres (318 ft) above the ground. It is the tallest structure in Central Asia. It also belongs to the World Federation of Great Towers, ranking as the 8th tallest.

The main purposes of the tower are radio and TV-transmission. The signal reaches the farthest points of Tashkent Province and some of the south regions of Kazakhstan. The tower is also used for communication between governmental departments, and organizations. The tower also serves as a complex hydrometeorological station.

3) National Bank of Uzbekistan

National Bank of Uzbekistan is a great example of modern architecture in Tashkent and it was built in 1997. It is the tallest building in Uzbekistan and has 26 floors and a total height of 108 meters. This postmodern skyscraper represents an impressive curtain wall and glass construction that dominates the entire new part of the city.

4) Museum of Olympic Glory

Museum of Olympic Glory is one of a kind in Central Asia and it was opened in 1996. The goal of the museum is to organize exhibitions and events that show the achievements of national athletes in the Olympic Games and international competitions. The museum's collection counts more than 2000 exhibits, 1000 of which are permanent exhibitions. Here you can see medals, cups, prizes, stamps, coins and many other interesting things linked to the Olympic and Asian Games, World Championships and many other prestigious competitions.

5) “Courage” Memorial

In 1966, a terrible earthquake rocked Tashkent with a magnitude of 9 degrees on the Richter scale, destroying a great part of the city. After the tragedy, people from all Soviet countries came here to rebuild the city and help to overcome the loss. The “Courage” Memorial was built in 1970 in memory of those 3,5 years in which Tashkent was rebuilt and is dedicated to those people that did it. The monument represents a woman who is protecting her child and a man protecting them both.

6) Turkiston Concert Hall & Alisher Navai Library

Turkiston is the main concert hall of Uzbekistan, and is situated in the new part of the city on Alisher Navoi Street. It has summer and winter stages where all the important musical performances take place. During Soviet history, the Turkiston was one of the most prestigious concert halls in the USSR.

7) World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial in Tashkent was built to commemorate all of Uzbekistan’s citizens who fell in battle during World War II. The memorial complex consists of a sculpture of a mother in mourning over her sons’ deaths and an eternal flame.

8) Happy Mother Monument & Independence Square

Happy Mother Monument is one of the most famous landmarks of Tashkent and is situated on the most important square of Uzbekistan – Independence Square. The Happy Mother Monument was erected in 2006 instead of the monument of Lenin, after the country became an independent state. The monument is 6 meters in height and there is a globe on top of it.

9) Tashkent Broadway – Street Art

Saylgoh Street, reborn as “Broadway”, where portrait artists, hawkers and cafes compete for custom. Here you can witness artists painting live in the street. On your way to the broadway you can see the The Romanovs Palace built in 1881 when he was exiled. Tree lined walkways are yours to explore.

10) Amir Timur Square

Amir Temur Square is located just in the heart of Tashkent and is very popular among both locals and tourists. In the middle of the square is the monument of the famous military leader Amir Temur commonly known as Tamerlan. Here you can see the 20th century buildings of gymnasiums now used as campuses for Tashkent Law University, Tashkent clock towers and grandiose building of Palace of Forums.

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